Navratri/durga pooja makeup look : warm smokey eyes with red lips

Hope u like it

Hi guys welcome back to my channel so i am here to share this warm smokey eyes with red lips

I had applied red lips to get the best festive look and bright look

Hope u like it

Sry for not uploading videos for so many days
Bucuz of my exams finally finished and I had made video

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  1. Indian pretty Girl says:

    Hi guys
    How are you all? Hope u like this video, sorry for late uploading guys.

  2. Amaad Ashraf says:

    Plzz upload a makeup collection bebss

  3. Amaad Ashraf says:

    In which grade u r

  4. Neelam Devi says:

    U r looking so gorgeous

  5. Neelam Devi says:


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