Anne G — , set. 23, pregnant, was admitted July Slst, 1841, with
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out in the experiment of Majendie the whole stomach was removed
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nent a place is given to alcohol as a cause of renal disease. After
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of Anatomy will give his personal attendance thereto. Clinical instruction will likewise
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r basin and the nose and mouth. This may be repeated j
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situated at the front and about the middle third of the ventricle; its free ex-
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increase of the symptoms in the left eye, the acute pain in the
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horizontally, with its moistened side downwards, directly over the ignited jet
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in 1859, some of the northern Russian ports, as Helslngfor?, Riga, &c. suffered
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Siven, although the heart was obviously recognised as being diseased
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stars. In dry spot the globules retain their shape; but
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lapsus of the iris, which, howeyer, did not project beyond the wound,
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Treatment. — Some cases of j^inful fissure may get well of their own accord.
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cords or long masses of protoplasm in which the nuclei lie
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I Anyway, it causes a most irritating and disturbing cough,
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continues, under formations of a more ambiguous character, as far as Ala-
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with old chronic gall-sac and appendix trouble (conditions
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times quite free from impediment; and they portray their infirmity only at mo-
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by boys and up to the fourteenth or fifteenth year by
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even though there is no muscle control, should be carried
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materials for a history of this poison does not seem to have
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tions, each work under its particular title, but in a style and manner to match the
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severely in Seville, and probably in other places also between that
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healthy. The brain showed marks of severe venous congestion in every
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on the cinchona alkaloids, and ie contained in the bark, especially
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person with tuberculosis — a positive absurdity and a
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cholera, there had been an unusual amount of destitution and suffer-
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needlessly painful even when successful. It is curious
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As there are many young men of talent and worth in different parts of our country,
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It is important, therefore, to ascertain how this may be effected, for the double
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the old matter, and calculated accordingly. Not so, however, with the new,
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to the sun, vicissitudes of temperature, excessive muscular exertions, emo-
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tion and shutting off the bowel — obstruction of the bowel.
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and indigestible articles should be carefully avoided. In fine, all those
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while firing a yager, the butt-end struck against the collar bone, and was fol-
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with those of the numerous private and state observers spread throughout our
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morbid appearances of the skin. I will here refer to the mention
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