my son, Dr. H. B. Baruch, at the Mount Sinai Hospital, and myself

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the fever terminates by crisis ; hence a mere glance at the temperature-

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portion of the body is subjected to a cold procedure, the remainder is

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a trying period. Given even to the production of trismus, if neces-

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oxide of iron, 4.545; phosphoric acid, .147; alumina, .849;

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known. We no longer hear of unicists and dualists. We

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four hours. Chest-pains may be relieved by the use of turpentine stupes

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antitoxin of diphtheria in that disease. We have no right


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Talamon advises the commencement of his method on the first day of the

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In extreme youth and in old age the power of reaction to the thermic

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lished bi-monthly. Price per year: Paper, $10; cloth, $14.

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skin and muscle or fascia, and when the skin over the stump is

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of the excitement produced by the silkworm craze years ago.

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It is prepared like a wet pack, except that a blanket is substituted for

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and as they pass on in their life pigment bodies are developed

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drates rather than the nitrogenous group. All we can say to

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placed in a position in which he is compelled to form a therapeutic

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